You need clean water

By not upgrading your house to a whole house water filtration system, this will lead to thousands of dollars in costs and damages.

What we offer

Poor water quality and water standards in America have created a need for cleaner water.

From hard water to contaminated water we are finding more and more Americans needing a resolution to a scarce water situation.

The water filtration system supplier our company utilizes have been an innovator in water treatment technology for over 70 years and used by Fortune 500 companies as well as in hundreds of thousands of homes all around the world.

By not upgrading your house to a whole house water filtration system, this will lead to thousands of dollars in costs and damages to household appliances such as the water heater, washer, refrigerator, coffee machines, air purifiers, but even clothing damage and plumbing issues.

With the water containing high amounts of calcium and magnesium this creates a favorable environment for an increase in scum and lime scale, which leads to pipe blockage and an increase of energy usage due to the water heater needing to over perform past the minerals in the water. 

Poor water quality may also cause flare ups to skin issues such as eczema and rosacea. 

When the water is hard and not softened, more product is needed to create an effective lather to your body and hair soaps, detergents and even cleaning supplies. This leads to having to use more and buying more instead of saving money for your household.

Municipal city water goes through a cleaning process which unfortunately includes using chemicals such as chlorine that remain in your tap water, along with gases and bacteria that make it past the process.  Without a water treatment system for your home this leads to health problems due to the toxins in your tap water that are undetectable to the human eye. 

Your household will receive a top-of-the-line whole house water filtration system with built-in NASA technology.

The type of water unit that will be installed will be based off your family size and water test results. Each unit is built with specific filters to combat bacteria, chlorine, and minerals that harm your pipes and water appliances.  

The water softener system contains a patented silver shield which is known for its antimicrobial properties and is effective in fighting a wide range of microbes

Our advanced system will catch and purify down to the smallest microbe. Our customers can rest assured they are drinking pure and great tasting water straight out of their faucets every time.

A technician will survey the land to check where the faucets are located to install pipes and system water lines.  Plumbing is included with the installation/purchase of your unit. 

As hard water enters your home, it will first go through  a series of filters and resin beads that will filter out the minerals that cause damage to your home, such as the magnesium and calcium and exchange them to sodium and potassium which in turn softened the water. This is a continuous process for all the hard water. 

How it Works

Let us make the decision easy for you


Set up an appointment for our specialist to perform a water test and go over the EWG report for your location. This time will also provide the customer the opportunity to ask questions and receive detailed answers.


If water test determines the need for a water treatment system the specialist will go over the application process. A technician will then take pictures of entry and exit faucets/ pipes. Photos will also be taken of the top of kitchen sink and underneath for placement of reverse osmosis unit. Technician will also discuss placement of water unit


Water treatment system along with reverse osmosis is placed. Steps for taking care of your unit is discussed. You may now enjoy your own crisp and clean water straight out of your faucet.