Expert Solar Installation Services for Sustainable Savings

We install tens of thousands of solar panel systems nationwide, all backed by the industry-leading Kingdom guarantee!

What we offer

Kingdom Solar uses an experienced and dedicated team of solar panel installation professionals

We install tens of thousands of solar panel systems nationwide, all backed by the industry-leading Kingdom guarantee!

The cost of electricity is at an all-time high in America.

In some areas of the country, the cost has gone up 44% in less than one year. To avoid inflation and never-ending price increases which have averaged 3% to 4% annually in all areas of America but have gone up as much as 50% at times we recommend locking in your rates with Solar to avoid it altogether.

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By switching to Solar you will instantly demote your electricity provider

Thanks to programs like Net Metering your current energy provider will now establish a new relationship with you the customer where they in turn will now become more of your customer. You will agree to sell them electricity you are not using but producing and you will use less of their electricity because you will produce the bulk of your own power through the solar panels. 

The Federal Government is offering a 30% Tax Credit

Optimize your benefits with Federal Tax Credits by switching to solar energy and using approved renewable energy products. You’ll also experience an appreciation in your property value. Homes equipped with solar power have higher property values, making it a wise investment for both your pocket and long-term financial prospects

How it Works

Let us make the decision easy for you


Set up an appointment to meet with one of our Energy Specialists for a FREE energy analysis and report. This will give us an opportunity to explain everything and answer any questions.


Receive the information supporting whether or not Solar makes sense for your home and family. If it makes sense then we will walk you through a simple application to get you started.


You sign and agree to the project details. Our team will handle everything for you throughout the process. Upon project completion you can decide where you want your Kingdom blessing to go.

How Solar Is Installed

We simply install a racking system to your roof which holds the panels you will be needing to meet your energy needs. Every home is different because each home has its own unique energy needs. Some households use more power than others and this information is determined by reviewing your power bill.

We will install panels on the roof in the areas that receive the most Sunlight. That sunlight is then sent to an inverter to convert it into usable power like DC or AC. The energy watts generated by the Sun are tracked by the inverter.

How Solar Works

The inverter will automatically send the power into your home 1st by default making your home’s energy needs a priority. Whatever is not being used is then fed back into the grid and every watt is tracked and sold to your energy provider for usable credits on your energy bill.

Which means your energy provider will buy what you don’t use. Making you the seller now and them the buyer. You will now become more self-sufficient in your energy needs.